GRK RSS Rugged Structural Screw

Easy-to-Install Lag Screw Alternative

GRK Fasteners' RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw is made of specially hardened steel to provide you with the highest tensile, torque and shear strength available. The sharp threads and points on the RSS screws instantly bite into the materials, reducing any splitting effect generally caused by smaller shanks.

  • Recessed Star Drive: No stripping due to six points of contact
  • CEE Thread: Presents a clean, finished look
  • W-Cut™: Low torque and smoother drive
  • ZIP-TIP™: No pre-drilling required results in faster penetration
  • Washer Head: Creates immense holding power
  • Cutting Pockets: Provide clean holes, thereby reducing splitting and allowing boring with precision
  • ESR-3201: Approved for structural applications
  • Case Hardened Steel: High tensile strength, shear strength and torque
  • Climatek™ Coated: AC257 approved for use in treated lumber
  • For interior/exterior use in: Carrying beams, stair rails, deck posts, ledger boards, playground equipment and other professional applications
  • Some Sizes Available in PHEINOX™ 305 Grade Stainless Steel

GRK Fasteners' RSS™ screws that measure 3-1/8" or longer feature a six threaded CEE thread, enlarging the screw hole for the non-threaded portion of the fastener, which then allows wood to settle more easily and increases the screw’s drawing strength. The CEE thread also reduces the friction on the screw's shank, which is known to result in lower driving torque and increase the possibility of wood splitting. These featured are precisely why the RSS screw from GRK Fasteners is an efficient alternative to standard lag screws.

The RSS screw's round washer head has no sharp edges like a conventional lag screw, and the added shoulder (nominal diameter) underneath the washer is able to center the screw in pre-drilled hardware such as hinges and connector plates.

RSS™ JTS - Used for joists and trusses


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