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As an HVAC service contractor, you know that the success or failure of your work can often come down to the quality of the materials you use, including smaller, hidden parts like screws and fasteners. Mudge Fasteners has been supplying the HVAC industry for over 40 years, and offers a tremendous selection of HVAC fasteners that you can trust and rely on.

With over 40 years of fastener sourcing experience, we’re your best supplier to track down uncommon parts for HVAC installation. We stock over 60,000 different parts in our warehouse, but when you need something that’s not on our shelves, we know where to find it. Looking for a custom-made part just for a specific application? We can develop and produce those as well. Take a look at some of our standard HVAC fasteners below, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Standard Commercial HVAC Fasteners

Stainless Steel  /  Zinc  /  Yellow Zinc  /  Brass  /  Plain  /  More Platings & Finishes


Featured HVAC Products



Sharp Pointed and Fine Thread
MKT’s HVAC Screw is a sharp pointed, fine thread screw for use in sheet metals of several gauges.

No Pre Drilling and Chip Free Hole
No pre drilling is needed as the combination of a heat treated, sharp point and aggressive starting threads with fine thread up the shank provides a positive threading, chip free hole.

  • The sharp point provides positive, fast starts in sheet metal.

  • The fine thread up the shank rolls the material back instead of cutting chips that corrode quickly and cause a rattle in ductwork where vibration is present.

  • The rolled material creates a larger bearing surface creating a more positive hold.

  • The fine thread also provides better clamping forces on thinner materials.

  • The MKT HVAC Screw is

    • available in economical bulk packs only,

    • a lower cost option compared to other sharp pointed, fine thread screws,

    • heat treated to provide a hardened, sharp point and excellent thread cutting capabilities.

  • The washer face has anti-backing serrations to keep it in place in harsh, vibratory conditions.


Roost Complete Rooftop Support Systems

  • Fully compatible with all types of strut components

  • Simple pyramid design creates stable platform and load bearing capacity 

  • Provides superior load distribution, even for uneven surfaces

  • Rubber base offers low abrasion interface with membrane roofs

  • Dampens Vibrations

  • Will Not Float

  • Outlasts Your Roof

  • UV Resistant

  • Drainage Channel

  • Reflector for added visibility and safety

  • Made from 100% Recycled Rubber

  • Simple and fast to install 

  • Maintenance Free and no roof abrasion

  • Load capacity rating is for block and struts only

  • The roof membrane may be the weakest point