Custom Kitting & Packaging

Mudge Fasteners' Custom Packaging and Kitting services will streamline your production and decrease your labor costs. Our service takes away the overwhelming task of tracking and managing multiple parts and materials by allowing you to order a variety of parts with a single part number.  We maintain the highest quality standards for machine or hand-packed kits and custom packaging. Kits can include multiple parts, as well as instruction sheets, material certs and more.

You Should Consider Kitting If You:

  • Are currently kitting in-house now
  • Want to cut down on labor costs
  • Want to streamline production
  • Want to reduce packaging content errors and costs from lost parts
  • Order the parts repeatedly for use in the same location
  • Provide parts and/or printed materials with your product to be used by the customer

Documentation Support

As your go-to fastener expert, Mudge Fasteners is able to provide you with the necessary documentation that you need for our parts. Need technical data or tear sheets for submittals? How about RoHS or other certificates of conformance? Want your raw material certs or plating and heat treating certs on file in your office or on your job site? No problem, we've got you covered!

Job Site Direct Delivery

Need that part right away? Mudge Fasteners is happy to deliver your order directly to your job site.*


*Fee may apply.


Specials Manufactured to Print

Need a custom part? Mudge Fasteners offers production based on your requirements from samples or drawings. We work closely with domestic manufacturers and overseas factories to create special one-of-a-kind fasteners, stampings, machined parts and assemblies. Once we have your print, sample, or concept drawing, we will source production and manage fulfillment to your requirements.


Performance Mock Ups

Are you working on a new project and need a performance mock up? Mudge can assist you in sourcing small quantities of parts for performance mock-ups. We have decades of experience providing this service to our customers, and we'll make sure you get the parts you need to run a proper PMU.



When the standard fastener just won't do, we offer Fabrication Services to provide additional customization and help you find the perfect fastener for your needs.

Cutting   •   Plating / Coating   •   Drilling   •   Grinding


Production Consulting

Mudge Fasteners has over 40 years of experience in the industry, and we can use that experience and knowledge to assist you in your production. There may be a better way.

Based on observation of your production processes we may find a fastener to eliminate a step or streamline an assembly resulting in immediate savings and improved productivity.

We have been successful in finding ways for our customers to reduce the number of different fasteners used by suggesting a single fastener to be used where two or three were in use. In some cases we might be able to design a fastener that can take the place of multiple fasteners.


Vendor Managed Inventory

Are you tired of running out of a necessary part? Do you want to decrease your cycle times and lead times? Mudge Fasteners can help! We'll find ways to reduce expenses and improve productivity through vendor managed inventory. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you!