The Hindley Manufacturing Company produces a wide range of specially designed wire forms and standard wire hardware parts to meet the specifications of exacting engineers as well as basic do-it-yourselfers.


Standard Wire Hardware

  • Bolts: Eye Bolts, U-Bolts, Lag Eye Bolts & J-Bolts
  • Cotter Pins
  • Eyes: Screw Eyes, Storm Window Eyes
  • Hand Rail Screws
  • Hitching Rings
  • Hooks:
    • S-Hooks,
    • Rope Binding Hooks
    • Screw Hooks
    • Curtain Rod Hooks
    • Parallel Hooks
    • Planter Hooks
    • Gate Hooks & Safety Gate Hooks
    • Cup Hooks
    • Shoulder Hooks
    • Clothesline Hooks
    • Hammock Hooks
    • Porch Swing Hooks
  • Peg Hooks
  • Storage Hooks
  • Turnbuckles
Download Hindley wire products catalog (PDF)

Download Hindley wire products catalog (PDF)