Glazing Fasteners

We take the time to learn about our glazing customers and the way they work, which is why we're is proud to call ourselves the Glazing Fastener Expert.

A Glazing Fastener Expert has extensive experience and knowledge that Glazing Contractors and Estimators can rely on to make their businesses run more smoothly. For example, we have:

  • Familiarity of terminology relating to fasteners and the use of fasteners in the glazing industry
  • Capability to source locally or globally any quantity of standard or specialty glazing fasteners
  • Logistics networks to have glazing fasteners delivered where and when they are needed
  • Inventory available for items commonly used in the glazing and curtainwall industry

This is why some of the top glazing firms in the world trust Mudge Fasteners to supply them with the parts that hold it all together.

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Standard Stainless Steel Glazing Fasteners

Screws, nuts, bolts, washers and more for curtainwall installation and manufacturing. Click to buy online.

Featured Brands for Glazing Fasteners

Elco Construction Fasteners
Elco's Flex Technology products combine high performance and virtual immunity to delayed embrittlement failures, allowing designers and manufacturers to mitigate risk and enhance the performance of critical connections.
Approvals: ICC-ES, LARR, Miami-Dade
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Powers Fasteners
Powers manufactures innovative fasteners for glazing and has the largest range of fasteners for attaching to concrete, masonry, steel and wood. Powers a leading choice for curtainwall designers and specifiers.
Approvals: ICC-ES, LARR, Miami-Dade
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MKT Fastening
MKT is a manufacturer of construction anchors and fasteners, offering specialized steel, zinc-plates and stainless steel anchors that are approved for cracked concrete applications in glazing and curtainwall projects.
Approvals: ICC-ES, Miami-Dade
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Simpson Strong-Tie
Simpson anchor systems have passed high performance and quality standards that you can rely on, including expansion anchors and concrete screws for cracked concrete.
Approvals: ICC-ES, LARR, State of Florida
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DeWALT Tools & Anchors
DEWALT is the leader in installation power tools, and together with Powers Fasteners has created an unbeatable line of anchor solutions for curtainwall projects throughout the world.
Approvals: ICC-ES, LARR, Miami-Dade
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ITW Buildex
ITW Buildex continues to manufacture and provide innovative, value-added fastening solutions to the glazing and curtainwall market, with products including Teks self-drilling screws, Buildex self-piercing screws and Sammy's rod anchors.
Approvals: ICC-ES, LARR, Miami-Dade
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From light to heavy duty, Hilti’s extensive range of glazing anchor systems are the most widely accepted and trusted among the curtainwall industry, with a complete range of steel and stainless steel expansion anchors approved for use in cracked and uncracked concrete.
Approvals: ICC-ES, LARR
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FallTech Fall Protection
When it comes to worker safety, there are no second chances. With anchorage, harnesses, lifelines and more fall protection products for glaziers, advanced technical design and rigorous quality testing are the backbone of FallTech’s manufacturing process.
Approvals: ANSI / ISEA
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Glazing Fasteners Code Approvals Chart

Powers / DeWALTExpansion AnchorsAtomic+ Undercut®    
  Power-Stud®+ SD1   
  Power-Stud®+ SD2   
  Power-Stud®+ SD4/SD6   
 Screw AnchorsWedge-Bolt®+  
  Tapper (SS)TM    
 Rod Hanging SystemsVertigo®+    
 Bolt and Shield AnchorsSnake+®   
 Injection Adhesive AnchorsPure110+®   
Elco Dril-Flex  
  Self-drilling screws   
MKT Liquid Roc 700+   
  MKT VME Epoxy   
  SRS TZ   
  SZ High Load   
BrandSegmentProductICC-ESLARRMiami-DadeState of FL
Simpson Strong-TieAdhesive AnchorsSET-3G   
 Mechanical AnchorsTiten HD® 
  Strong-Bolt 2 
  Titen® SS   
  Titen® 2  
ITW Buildex Teks Self-Drilling  
  Teks Select  
  Sammy's Ceiling Screws   
  Tapcon SG   
Hilti Kwik Bolt 3  
  Kwik Bolt-TZ  
  HIT-HY 70  
  Kwik HUS-EZ  
  HIT-HY 200  
  Hilti Anchor Channel  
  HIT-HY 100   
  HIT-RE 500 V3  
  HIT-RE 100  
  Kwik Cast KCS-WF/MD