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EJOT Fasteners is headquartered in Germany and serves the solar, construction, engineering, automotive and consumer electronics industries. EJOT fastening systems are market leaders in fastening technology, working closely with system manufacturers to deliver application-specific products acclaimed by specifiers, engineers, buyers and installers. EJOT screws: The Quality Connection.

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EJOT offers high quality, secure and easy-to-install fastening systems for rooftop solar installations. EJOT specializes in fastening mounting systems for solar installations on an array of roof types and substrates, with fasteners that are well designed and well engineered to ensure durability and on-site efficiency. 

EJOT is an expert in fastening systems for industrial and commercial roofing, walls and façades. EJOT offers a range of fasteners, which is continually expanding, designed and engineered for building and industrial lightweight construction. EJOT screws and building fasteners have FM Approval.


EJOT screws and industrial fasteners are found in countless assemblies in the US and worldwide, in an almost endless number of applications, such as household appliances, castings, bulk storage, playground equipment, automotive sub-assemblies, power tools, HVAC and pre-fab buildings.

EJOT offers support to the automotive industry all the way through product development stages. EJOT fastening systems with high load capacity, over adjustment systems, up to assembly lines - EJOT provides product and development support for almost all areas of automotive engineering.