EJOT Construction Fasteners

Construction Fasteners

EJOT Fasteners is an expert in fastening systems for industrial and commercial roofing, walls and façades. EJOT Construction Fasteners offer a range of construction fastening systems, which are continually expanding, designed and engineered for building and industrial lightweight construction. EJOT's construction fasteners and building fasteners have FM Approval.

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Construction Fastening Systems

EJOT Super-SAPHIR JT3 Bi-Metal Self-Drilling Screws

Construction fasteners for fastening profiled metal sheets onto thin-walled steel or aluminum and wood substructures.

Construction Fasteners


These construction fasteners connect sheet metal fast: used extensively for side-lap stitching on exposed fastener metal panel roofs. For fixing metal profiles, profiled metal sheets, insulated metal panels, solar mounting systems, wind deflectors; directly to steel roof profiles.

Construction Fastener Supply


Stainless steel self-drilling construction fasteners, EJOT SAPHIR® fasteners are manufactured entirely from 304 (A2) grade austenitic stainless steel and are ideal for taping, drilling and screwing into aluminum profile and section or timber substrates.

Construction Fasteners

EJOT JZ3 and JA3 Fasteners

304 stainless steel self-tapping construction fasteners, a range of stainless steel self-tapping fasteners specifically designed for use in roofing and cladding.

Construction Fastening Systems

EJOT Rainscreen Fasteners

Construction fasteners for rainscreen exterior wall cladding systems, building envelopes and rear ventilated facades. EJOT construction fastening systems' range of masonry and insulation anchors are widely acknowledged as the best available. Over the past 30 years over 500,000,000m2 of external wall insulation has been installed using EJOT anchors. Not one single failure has been traced back to an EJOT fastener product.

EJOT Rainscreen construction fasteners improve performance, appearance, and quality of installations. These fasteners cover all the solutions for all the applications.

EJOT Cronimaks JZ7

Austenitic high-grade stainless steel self-tapping screws, for fixing profiled steel sheets or sandwich elements to high strength and stainless steel substructures.

Construction Fastening Systems

Conventional construction fasteners tapped into steel plate with tensile strengths ≥ 500 N/mm2 are prone to crushing/malformation of the thread edges. Corresponding threads aren't adequately formed, making effective clamping of metal section impossible.

Construction Fastening Systems

Self-tapping EJOT Cronimaks® JZ7 construction fasteners enable thread forming into structural steels with tensile strengths up to Rm=700 N/mm². Efficient fixing into high-grade steel sheet is up to Rm=700 N/mm² equally possible.

Construction Fastener Supply

EJOT Corremaks JZ1 and JA1

Construction fasteners manufactured from the highest anti-corrosion class stainless steel, 1.4529 (A5), suitable for swimming pools and other highly corrosive environments.

Construction Fasteners

EJOT Colorfast

Improves both appearance and resists corrosion, self-drilling color-matched construction fastening systems for metal cladding applications.

Colorfast is a range of construction fasteners incorporating the unique EJOT Colored Nylon Head designed specifically for use in fixing profiled metal roofing and cladding sheets. The head provides permanent corrosion resistance and color matching.