GRK Fasteners

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GRK Fasteners offers a complete line of fasteners for a wide variety of different applications, including a range of sizes unmatched by combining the full catalog of two competitors combined! All of GRK's products feature a proprietary design with at least one patent. GRK Fasteners always aims to improve its existing products and to develop exciting new fasteners for professionals in several building trades worldwide.

R4™ Framing Screw
Frame with Ease & Confidence

RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw
Easy to Install Lag Alternative

Low Profile Cabinet™ Screw
Quick and Secure Installation


FIN/Trim™ Finishing Trim Head Screws
The Smallest Screw Head Available Prevents Materials from Splitting


RT Composite™ Exterior Trim Screws
FIN/Trim™Screw with Reverse Threading Under the Head


Top Star™ Shim Screw
Plumb Installation of Doors and Windows. No More Shims!

Caliburn™ Concrete Screw
Heavy Duty Concrete
and Masonry Screws

MSS™ Metal Siding Screws
Integrated Head Design with Powder Coating Finish