GRK R4 Multi-Purpose Framing Screw

The R4™ self-countersinking screw from GRK Fasteners features a patented underhead with cutting teeth that are like saw blades, as well as six self-contained cutting pockets. Together, these features act like a circular saw blade, moving drill dust away from the screw hole's edge, while simultaneously cutting a perfectly clean hole, even into the most brittle materials without any surface cracking.

  • Recessed Star Drive: No stripping due to six points of contact
  • CEE Thread: Reduced splitting due to enlarged hole
  • W-Cut™: Low torque and smoother drive
  • Zip-Tip™: No pre-drilling required, which means faster penetration
  • Cutting Pockets: Provide a clean hole, reduce splitting and bore precisely
  • ESR-3201: Approved for structural applications
  • Case Hardened Steel: High tensile, shear and torque strength
  • For interior/exterior use: Wood, wood decking, melamine, sheet metal, plastic and cement fiber board
  • Some Sizes Available in PHEINOX™ 305 Grade Stainless Steel

This R4's design enhances its versatility by allowing the fastener to countersink into the hardest woods on the market. The screw head closes the hole off with precision, leaving no damaged fibers remaining by the head.

GRK Fasteners' R4™ screws measuring 2" and longer have a four-thread CEE Thread. This feature enlarges the screw hole for the non-threaded portion of the fastener, making it easy for the wood to settle. This feature also increases the screw's drawing strength and reduces friction on the screw shank that lowers driving torque.


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