GRK FIN/Trim Finishing Trim Head Screws

GRK Fasteners' Trim™ Head screws are an ideal solution for most fine carpentry applications, including window extension jambs. The GRK Trim™ Head screws have the smallest screw head on the market, with lengths offered from 1-1/4" (30mm) to 5" (125mm).

  • Recessed Star Drive: No stripping due to six points of contact
  • Trim head: Presents a clean finished look
  • W-Cut™: Low torque and smoother drive
  • ZIP-TIP™: No pre-drilling required equals faster penetration
  • ESR-3201: Approved for structural application
  • Case Hardened Steel: Achieves high tensile, torque and shear strength
  • Climatek™ Coating is AC257: Code approved for use in treated lumber in interior or exterior applications
  • Available in Climatek™ or white powder coated finish
  • Also available in PHEINOX™ 305 grade Stainless Steel

Most material splitting can be prevented with the Trim™ Head screw's exceptionally small head, plus its patented W-Cut™ thread design. Fin/Trim™ screws from GRK Fasteners also come in white powder coated finish for clean installations into wooden white trim boards.

*For best results, drive GRK Trim™ Head screw's at half speed. In order to prolong the life of the #10 bit, do not use an impact driver on the #8 Trim™ Head screw.


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