WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP Sealant

The Ultimate Sealant for Solar Installations

Titebond® WeatherMaster™ ULTIMATE MP Sealant is specially formulated to perform better than VOC solvent, silicones, tripolymers, urethanes, and all other sealant technologies. Adhesion to aluminum, concrete, wood, glass, steel, plastic, painted metal, PVC, masonry, vinyl, asphalt roofing is quickly and easily achieved with ULTIMATE MP. Most common building materials, including wall panels, siding, flashing, and sheet metal with Kynar™ and Hylar™ 5000 coated metal panels also adhere with WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP very well.

Damp surfaces are no problem, and WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP provides a weather-tight seal against dirt, dust, wind and water. This sealant is ideal for use on rooftop solar panel installations, but can be used in any variety of other roofing applications, such as gutters, metal and vinyl siding, windows, doors, and air vents. It forms a flexible seal perfect for use on RVs, farm equipment or buses.

  • Performs far better than silicone, tripolymer and urethane sealants in solar panel installations

  • Can be applied in extreme weather to provide a permanently flexible, weather-tight seal

  • Adheres well to common building materials including Kynar™ and Hylar™ 5000 coated metals

  • UV-resistant and VOC-compliant

  • Compatible with all types of foam

  • Miami-Dade approved for use on buildings throughout the country

Titebond WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP Sealant is available in over 20 colors, and when touch-ups are required, this sealant can be painted with a water-based paint only one hour after application. WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP extrudes very well in cold weather, even down to 0°F. It is also UV-resistant, making it the best choice for any exterior  building applications. WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP will expand and contract with due to changes in weather and temperature without cracking. WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP Sealant does not contain solvents or isocyanates.