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Mudge Fasteners was the first fastener supplier to offer a dedicated solar fastener program, and continues to be the leader in stainless steel parts for PV installations.

Solar Fastener Expert offers fastening solutions for all sectors in the solar industry.

Solar installers and contractors. For small and large installers alike, Mudge Fasteners offers a wide selection of the most common solar fasteners at some of the best prices in the industry.

PV racking manufacturers. Whether you need for large quantities of standard stainless steel solar fasteners or custom parts, we proudly supply some of the most respected PV racking manufacturers in the world.

Solar distributors. Solar distributors can take advantage of Mudge Fasteners' vast capabilities in product knowledge, sourcing and logistics gained from over 40 years in business.

Trust Solar Fastener Expert to make your business run more smoothly.

We offer standard solar hardware for all PV installations. What you see here is just a small selection of the most popular stainless steel solar fasteners. We stock 60,000+ different types of solar fasteners in our warehouse!

Need something you don't see here? Call us at (800) 634-0406 or contact us, we'll be sure to help you get what you need.

Featured Solar Industry Hardware

Standard Stainless Steel Solar Fasteners

Solar screws, nuts, bolts, washers and more

Specialty Solar Fasteners


Solar Sealants & Adhesives

Solar Panel Coating


Solar Panel Mounting Equipment

Solar Tools & Bits


Solar Cable Ties & Wire Management

Solar Labeling & Identification


Fall Protection Equipment

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Featured Solar Fastener Brands

As the Solar Fastener Expert, Mudge Fasteners is pleased to offer the top brands and products for solar installations: