Advanced Cable Ties is the Leading Cable Tie Manufacturer

We manufacture our cable ties to be superior in strength, far exceeding the required tensile strengths used in industry standards, such as Type 21S. Using high quality raw materials which are always inspected by Advanced Cable Ties (ACT) to insure they meet our standards, we proudly make our cable ties in the USA.

Advanced Cable Ties provides the convenience of having all the cable ties and cable tie accessories any homeowner or tradesperson will ever need.



Standard Cable Ties

Advanced Cable Ties: Type 21S, RoHs Compliant, Easy Handling, Durable Nylon 6/6 Cable Ties. Available in many sizes, lengths, and tensile strengths.


Specialty Cable Ties

We offer many types of specialty ties to solve your specific application needs. Low Profile ties reduce head height for small spaces. Mounting Hole ties secure wire bundles to panels. Releasable ties for temporary bundling are needed in some circumstances, and colors are great for coding. We have many more you may find useful.


Specialty Packs

Specialty assortment packs offer all your ties in one place. Designed to meet the needs of maintenance and repair personnel, mechanics, contractors and many other industries. Easy storage within a tool box or on a peg board.  Individual compartments with easy access doors eliminates the hassle and time spent searching through various sizes in a canister.  Exceptional value compared to purchasing items separately.  Custom packs available.  


Cable Tie Accessories

The cable tie accessories we carry are valuable for identifying, bridging, or mounting items to metal panels, powder coated panels, walls, masonry, and a large variety of other substrates.



Our company offers an array of cable tie removal and tension tools for all cable tie sizes. This includes a line of the most popular wire strippers and terminal crimpers for wire management. Our tool designs are known for their ease and speed of use with a comfortable grip, making jobs much quicker.


Bundle Management

Advanced Cable Ties offers an array of bundle management items to secure, bundle, protect, route, and identify wires and hoses.



We offer an array of products for connecting, terminating, and insulating electrical components.

Download the ACT line card (PDF)

Download the ACT line card (PDF)