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All tamper proof screws are not created equal. The problem with most other security screws is that they are not actually as secure as one might think. The fact is, most so-called “tamper proof screws” aren’t tamper proof at all. Anyone can go into almost any hardware store and buy drivers to screws most people believe are secure and tamper proof. There are even commonly available drivers to remove those so-called “one-way screws”. So what is your alternative? Contact us to find out.

Materials Available
18-8 stainless • 316 stainless • 410 stainless • Grade 8 alloy • Case hardened alloy • YUS550 stainless


Mudge Fasteners helps you protect your investment with tamper-proof security fasteners.

High Security • Tamper Resistant • Anti-Theft

High security, tamper resistant and anti-theft fasteners are manufactured to the highest quality achievable. Security screws, security bolts, and security nuts are designed so that ordinary tools cannot remove them, and removal can only be accomplished with special tools.


Standard Security Fasteners