MKT Fasteners

MKT Fastening, LLC is a manufacturer of construction anchors and fasteners. MKT Fastening, LLC was formed from two organizations, Uniset and USE Diamond.  Both of these trademarks are used on MKT Fastening products to show the history of quality products in the fastening world. MKT Fastening... a solid connection.

MKT Fasteners Taper Bolt

Taper Bolt®

The highest shear strength of any expansion anchor.

MKT Fasteners SZ High Load Anchor

SZ High Load Anchor

Exceptional strength coupled with the ability to resist seismic loads.


MKT Fasteners Sup-R Stud TZ

Sup-R Stud® TZ

Suitable for resisting seismic design loads in cracked or uncracked concrete.

MKT Fasteners Sup-R Stud +

Sup-R Stud® +

Excellent for setting immediately. ROHS compliant except for Grade 5.

MKT Fasteners Sup-R Stud + Internal Thread

Sup-R Stud® + Internal Thread

Closer anchor spacing and edge distance than with drop-in.

MKT Fasteners Sup-R Stud V

Sup-R Stud® V

Nut and washer supplied in package, excellent for setting immediately.

MKT Fasteners Sup-R Drop

Sup-R Drop®

Slotted body is precision-matched to tapered internal plug for uniform expansion

MKT Fasteners Coil Thread Sup-R Drop

Coil Thread Sup-R Drop®

Ideal for form work and tilt-up bracing

MKT Fasteners Forway


Four-way expansion assures positive anchoring even under adverse drilling conditions

MKT Fasteners Sup-R Sleeve

Sup-R Sleeve®

More forgiving than a wedge anchor and induces less stress on the substrate.