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Elco Glazing Fasteners utilize Flex Technology to incorporate high performance and virtual immunity to delayed embrittlement failures. Using special alloy materials that receive proprietary heat treatments and tempering processes, the Flex Technology line of curtainwall fasteners far surpasses any standard fastening format available. Flex Technology allows designers and system manufacturers to manage their risk and enhance the performance of critical connections.

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Elco Bi-Flex Glazing Fasteners

Bi-Flex extended warranties and use of more sustainable materials add up to greater expectations for performance - from structural integrity to the purely aesthetic - of all building components, especially in unitized curtainwall and other glazing applications.


Elco Dril-Flex Glazing Fasteners

Precision-engineered and dual heat treated drill screws provide the strength, ductility and resistance to embrittlement required for critical applications in curtainwall and other glazing scopes.


Elco Tap-Flex Glazing Fasteners

These thread-forming screws are dual heat treated, self-tapping fasteners that provide the strength, ductility, and resistance to embrittlement failures required in critical curtainwall and dissimilar metal applications.


Elco Drilit Self-Drilling Screws

Self-drilling fasteners in the most commonly used sizes eliminate separate drilling and tapping operations for faster, more economical installations.



More Glazing Fasteners from Elco

Elco Aggre-Gator Fasteners
Bi-Metal Fasteners: The corrosion resistance of 300 series stainless steel in a threaded concrete anchor.
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Elco Alumi-Flex Fasteners
Alumi-Flex fasteners are stainless steel drill screws for fastening to aluminum when corrosion could be an issue.
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ConFlex Glazing Fasteners
ConFlex® large diameter masonry screws prevent embrittlement failures, allowing for exterior use.
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