Mixed Forecast for Construction in 2017

Overall growth expected, with slowing in multifamily and institutional

Construction starts will continue to grow in many, but not all, construction segments in 2017, according to the Institute for Trend Research Trends 10 Report, which looks at major benchmarks of microeconomic activity, including construction. Commercial construction is poised for increased year-over-year growth, while institutional and multifamily construction will begin to slow, according to the report.

The ITR report charts the location of various economic segments on the business cycle curve. Benchmarks in Phase A are at the early stages of recovery; those in Phase B are above year-ago levels; those in Phase C are still above year-ago levels, but the rate of growth has slowed; and those in Phase D are in recession, or below year-ago levels.... (Click here to read the full article at Glass Magazine.)

Kyle Domer