Lessons from the 2017 Solar Mounting Training Conference

The second gathering of the solar industry’s leading solar mounting manufacturers, installers and other players took place in early February in Anaheim, California. The 2017 Solar Mounting Training Conference (SOMO), hosted by S-5!, SEIA, OSEIA, CALSEIA and NABCEP, was a three-day event for solar installers to learn best mounting practices.

While many of the courses served as refreshers, there were still a few tips to pick up. Here are a couple:

Wire management is incredibly important. Wire management is important to the lifespan of projects, and there’s a real need for integrated wire management right now. It’s difficult to match wire management life expectancy with the lifespan of the solar array, but if you do your homework, you can find systems that comply.

Proper flashing installation. The lazy way to install flashings on an asphalt shingle roof is to slide in the flashing until you hit the nails above (example on the left). The correct way is to remove the nails and position the flashing above the third course.

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Kyle Domer