From body bolts to metric items to specialty screws and more, Mudge is able to supply customers in the auto industry with all the fasteners they need to stock their shop.


Whether you're a framer, railing installer, cabinet subcontractor, or anything in between, Mudge has the fasteners and value-added services you need to make your job run smoothly.


As the Glazing Fastener Expert, Mudge has extensive experience and knowledge that Glazing Contractors and Estimators can rely on to make their businesses run more smoothly.



When it comes to partners in manufacturing, there's no better choice than Mudge. For bolts, screws, nuts, washers, adhesives, abrasives, tools and saw blades, we've got you covered.


Mudge has been supplying the skateboard industry with bulk, custom and private label hardware for over 25 years. As a family-run company in Southern California, it's in our DNA.

Solar Power

Holding Solar Systems Together. Mudge was the first fastener supplier to offer a dedicated solar fastener program, and continues to be the leader in stainless steel parts for PV installations.


Waste & Water Management

It's a highly corrosive environment, 24/7. Durability is paramount. Reliability is a pre-requisite.  Accuracy is critical. Experience is essential. Mudge has the products and experience to make sure you get what you need.


Failure is not an option. We know the demands various environments will have on our products; so we offer a variety of parts and services to make sure you have the right part that will withstand the test of time and mother nature.