Tips for Installing Solar Systems in Low Irradiance Areas

Solar energy has quickly developed over the last few years, and growing technologies have made going solar more affordable for more homeowners. As customers from a variety of geographical areas make the move to solar it is important to consider their individual energy potential. Areas with the highest energy bills often have the lowest irradiance ratings; however, this doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy efficient solar systems with high returns on investment. It’s important to use the right components.

Low irradiance areas should be treated in the same manner as roofs with high shade. Homeowners in these situations are more likely to benefit from microinverter systems over ones with a string inverters. Not only do microinverters have a longer expected lifetime than standard string inverters, their installation process makes it easier to expand the system in the future and allows for easy monitoring. An in-depth look into the operation of the system through monitoring makes troubleshooting easier and also provides insight into how to improve the overall output of the system.

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Kyle Domer