Is Your Metal Roof Solar Ready?

This question has a quick and easy answer of “Yes!” if it’s a standing seam metal roof, the most solar-ready roof out there. Standing seam clamps, such as those offered by S-5! or Solar Connections, let installers mount on roofs without penetrating roofing material. With standing seam metal roofing panels, clamps secure the racks to the seam. Any time installers can avoid penetrating roofing material, they save time and money. This type of mounting also avoids potential leaks.

In addition, Metal Construction Association studies have shown that standing seam metal roofing systems can last 60 years or longer in most environments, when properly installed. Crystalline solar panels have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years, so the metal roofing system will often outlast the solar panels. Mounting on standing seams with nonpenetrating clamps eliminates concerns about replacing a roof riddled with holes when the solar array becomes dysfunctional.

Article originally published at Solar Power World.

Kyle Domer