Fall Safety Training from FallTech

Ensuring that your employees are protected when working at heights is the business of FallTech Services Group. Fall Protection equipment will only protect a worker if they know when, where and how it is to be used. FallTech Services Group specializes in helping businesses identify fall safety hazards, write fall protection plans, engineer anchorage solutions and train employees in fall safety.

Offering a well equipped training facility with certified fall safety trainers, FSG provides a full range of in depth courses in fall protection. A balance of hands on training and classroom instruction provides the optimal fall protection training experience and course offerings ranging from entry level fall safety hazard awareness to the supervisory level competent person fall safety training. Additionally, custom fall safety courses and site specific fall protection training are available through our alternative curriculum program.

Regularly scheduled fall safety courses are available to attendees both at the FallTech Training Center in Compton, CA, a variety of regional venues throughout the United States, and at client facilities throughout North America.

FallTech Services Available

  • Fall Safety Hazard Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Written Job Fall Safety Analysis
  • Building Plan Review
  • Written Fall Protection Plans
  • Jurisdictional Code Review
  • Fall Safety Structural Review
  • CAD Design
  • Customized Fall Protection Equipment Development
  • Fall Safety Anchor Point Design

Unlike most of their competitors, all FallTech products are proudly MADE IN USA.

Kyle Domer