Vandal and Tamper Resistant


The Hex-Pin™ is an age-old, tamper-resistant version of the hex screw or hex bolt, commonly used in jails and the retail industry for the past 60 years.

This fastener is useful at deterring opportunistic vandalism such as within bathroom stalls. Because bits are readily available at most hardware stores, Hex-Pin™ fasteners are not recommended for securing items of high value, but they are ideal solutions to keep everyday tampering and opportunistic thieves away.

Hex-Pin Security Screws


The applications are unlimited.

  • Retail electronics

  • University electronics

  • Manufacturing

  • Public utilities

  • Prisons, jails, security facilities

  • Bank credit card, ATM

  • Gaming industry

  • Solar panels

  • House arrest electronics

  • Nuclear plants

  • Military

  • Museums