EJOT Solar Tile Roof Hooks

solar roof hook
solar roof hook

EJOT Solar i-Clip tile roof hooks are the ideal solution for PV and solar thermal installations on residential buildings with tile roofs and wood substructure or rafters. The EJOT Solar i-clip is easy to install. It has been designed to solve many of the common installation problems associated with installing solar PV systems on tiled roofs.

  • One size fits almost any tile type

  • Saves you time, less time on site

  • Saves you money, no excess stock required

  • Wind resistant to strong gusts

  • Tested and approved, for your peace of mind!

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EJOT Solar i-Clip:
The universal solution

The EJOT Solar i-clip is the only universal bracket that fits most tile roofs, whatever the roof type or whatever material is under the tiles.

The Solar i-clip is the solution. One bracket, one stock item, a flexible modular system with little waste that’s easy to install. In addition, a solar roof hook that fits properly ensuring a watertight fit and a professional long lasting finish.


tile roof hook

EJOT Solar Hook for Spanish tile, concrete tile, and wood shingle roofs

Lightweight aluminum solar roof hook with sealing element and special wood screws.

  • Strong load-bearing capacity

  • Low weight through use of lightweight, cast aluminum; reduces transportation cost and easier transportation on site

  • Allowable forces are known for each hook

  • Enables precise calculation of fastener quantity

  • High force absorption with very little bending of the lever

  • Considerably lighter than many other roof hooks and with much higher load capacities

  • No tile penetration necessary

  • Compatible with all common racking systems.

  • Easy to install