Drywall and deck screws create threads as they are drilled into drywall without damaging the material. Among other tasks, these screws may be used to secure drywall to wood or metal studs.

Drywall Screws

Fine Thread Drywall & Deck Screws

Fine thread drywall screws are generally used when mounting to drywall to metal studs. These screws have a smaller head, and the fine threads provide a strong hold, while the sharp point allows for easy penetration.

Drywall Screws

Coarse Thread Drywall & Deck Screws

Coarse thread drywall screws are generally used to mount drywall to wood studs. Featuring a full sized head, the coarse threads provide a strong, durable hold in wood.

Drywall Screws

Trim Head Square Drive Drywall & Deck Screws

Trim-Head decking screws are available in several finishes, and those in stainless steel can be used for superior corrosion resistance in high-exposure environments. Trim-Head screws provide a clean finish thanks to their special head design.

Drywall Screws

Flat Head (Type 17 w/ Nibs) Drywall & Deck Screws

These screws can be used in all types of wood, plywood, and particleboard. The patented thread design and Type 17 self-drilling point creates faster drilling while reducing splitting, allowing them to be driven into most hardwoods without pre-drilling. The unique countersinking nibs under the head remove material for an incredibly clean finish.


A Self-Drilling Screw is a Self-Tapping Screw with the added feature of a drill point. The drill point looks a lot like the point of a drill, hence the name. It will drill a hole and form the mating threads in one operation. Any time a screw will drill its own hole, it is considered a Self-Drilling Screw.

Self-Drilling Screws

Bugle Head Self-Drilling Screws

Bugle head self-drilling screws were designed for drywall applications, but are often used in other construction applications due to their versatility. Featuring a countersunk head with a flat top and a concave under-head bearing surface, the bugle head self-drilling screw's unique design allows for distribution of stress over a wider area than that of a flat head screw.

Self-Drilling Screws

Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws

Hex washer head self-drilling screws are feature a built-in washer at the screw head, which spreads the distribution of weight and load over a wider area. Theses screws can be used for standard metal-to-metal fastening, sheet metal fastening and much more. Click here to buy hex washer head self-drilling screws online.

Self-Drilling Screws

Self-Sealing Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws

Self-sealing hex washer head self-drilling screws are most commonly used in roofing, rooftop solar panel installation, exterior building applications, or other metal to wood applications. The engineered drill-point removes material efficiently creates a properly-sized the hole for the threads, while the self-sealing neoprene washer creates a waterproof seal. Most of the time you'll find these screws specified in stainless steel finish for superior corrosion resistance. Click here to buy self-sealing hex washer head screws online.

Self-Drilling Screws

Modified Truss Head Self-Drilling Screws

Modified truss head self-drilling screws offer all of the benefits of any other self-drilling screws, plus ultra low clearance and an extra large bearing surface. These screws are often used to attach metal lathe to metal studs.

Self-Drilling Screws

Pan Head Self-Drilling Screws

Pan head self-drilling screws feature heads that are flat on top and rounded on the sides. Unlike oval head self-drilling screws, which also have rounded sides, pan head self-drilling screws do not have tapered bases.

Self-Drilling Screws

Oval Head Self-Drilling Screws

Similar to pan head self-drilling screws, oval head self-drilling screws also have rounded sides. However, oval head self-drilling screws also feature rounded tops and tapered bases.