Powers Glazing Anchors

Powers Fasteners has been developing and manufacturing innovative glazing anchors for more than 90 years and has the largest range of curtainwall fasteners for attaching to concrete, masonry, steel and wood. World class fastening design software, technical literature and engineering support has made Powers a leading choice for glaziers and curtainwall systems manufacturers.

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Powers Glazing Fasteners Code Approvals

Expansion AnchorsAtomic+ Undercut®   
 Power-Stud®+ SD1  
 Power-Stud®+ SD2  
 Power-Stud®+ SD4/SD6  
Screw AnchorsWedge-Bolt®+ 
 Tapper (SS)TM   
Rod Hanging SystemsVertigo®+   
Bolt and Shield AnchorsSnake+®  
Injection Adhesive AnchorsPure110+®