TORX® Fasteners

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TORX Plus® Drive System
Proven to outperform and outlast every other screw and bolt drive system available today.

The TORX PLUS® Drive System has proven to keep assembly lines running smoother and more efficiently by offering increased drive system strength.


  • 0° drive angle
  • Elliptical geometric configuration maximizes drive bit engagement
  • Large cross-sectional area at lobes
  • Vertical sidewalls


  • Provides an average 100% improvement in drive bit life
  • Can reduce assembly downtime by reducing the number of bit changes and rework
  • Optimizes torque transfer
  • Virtually eliminates camout
  • Reduces end load and worker fatigue
  • Reduces annual drive bit costs

Download the TORX Plus® flyer (PDF)

TORX PLUS® Low Profile Head
The ideal choice for applications requiring screws & bolts with both high torque transfer capabilities and low head height.

The external hex drive allows high torque transmission, but can fail quickly due to weaknesses inherent in its design.

External TORX PLUS® low-profile head drive system is engineered to provide optimal torque transfer and extended tool life, with a head height similar to hex or pan head fasteners.


  • Hex flange head or pan head bearing surface
  • 0° drive angle
  • Lobe engagement spreads forces over large area to prevent stress risers that cause tool and fastener damage
  • Higher torque transfer capability than corresponding internal recesses
  • Drive system strength 5 to 6 times greater than normal seating torque
  • Head height is similar to hex or pan head screws or bolts
  • Lower head volume (weight) than hex and pan head fasteners (18% and 41% respectively)


  • Provides high strength and torque capability in a low-profile head
  • Ensures optimal torque transmission and clamp load
  • Allows high torque transfer without damage to fastener
  • Minimizes space required to accommodate head height
  • Excellent high-torque drive system for miniature fasteners
  • Reduces wear on drive tools for extended tool life

Design Guidelines

  •  Fastener Sizes: M0.6 to M24 (#0000 to 1″)
  • Head Styles: Dome or indented head with hex flange or pan head bearing surface
  • Thread Styles: Can be used with any thread style
  • Note: Special sockets are required.

Download the TORX PLUS® Low Profile Head flyer (PDF)

TORX PLUS® Tamper-Resistant Drive System
Offers restricted access in the field along with all the assembly benefits of the TORX PLUS® Drive.

Manufacturers the world over are discovering how the TORX PLUS® Drive increases torque transfer, extends tool life, and increases productivity on their assembly lines. Now these benefits are available in a unique tamper-resistant version. When combined with a countersunk or button head design, the tamper-resistant TORX PLUS® fastener is extremely difficult to remove without the proper tool.


  • Non-symmetrical, elliptically-based geometric configuration
  • Five lobes with solid post in center of recess
  • Drivers only available to OEMs and authorized service personnel
  • Concentricity and tight tolerances of tamper-resistant TORX PLUS® tools make them very difficult to counterfeit


  • Allows optimum torque transfer and increased driveability
  • Allows improved productivity on the assembly line
  • Non-symmetrical shape provides increased resistance to tampering
  • Limited access to proper drivers maintains integrity of system

Design Guidelines

  • Fastener Sizes: M2.5 to M25 (#3 to 1″)
  • Head Design: Countersunk or button head design recommended

Download the TORX PLUS® Tamper-Resistant Drive System flyer (PDF)

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