Plastite® 45° Fasteners

Elco AllFlex
Elco AllFlex Fasteners

These thread forming screws combine a unique tri-lobular body with a 45° thread profile to maximize performance and reliability in thermoplastics.

The Plastite® 45 screw is designed to facilitate thread-forming in less-compressible plastics while providing high resistance to strip-out and pull-out. It has smaller root and major diameters than a 45° Plastite®, so it can be used in smaller bosses.

Download the Plastite® 45° brochure (PDF)


  • Tri-roundular configuration that allows displaced material to cold flow back into releif areas.
  • 45° profile allows thread to penetrate deeply into plastic material
  • Single lead design and narrow helix angle lowers drive torque and failure torque in stiffer plastics

Design Guidelines

  • Sizes: #2 – 3/8″; other sizes may be available upon request
  • Head Styles: Can be used with any external or internal head designs; pan, hex washer, and flat styles standard
  • Drive System: Can use any system, including TORX PLUS® Drive
  • Finish: As required


  • Reduces possibility of boss failure
  • Increases product reliability
  • Eliminates need for inserts and lock washers
  • Minimizes radial stress
  • Allows design of thinner bosses
  • Generates strong mating threads
  • Resists vibration loostening
  • Reduces probability of strip-out and pull-out
  • Achieves wide differentials between drive and fail torque
  • Creates less stress on the boss

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