Duro-PT® Fasteners

Elco AllFlex
Elco AllFlex Fasteners

Self Tapping Screws engineered to meet the demanding requirements of thermoset plastics.

The Duro-PT® thread-cutting screws are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of thermoset plastics, easing assembly and ensuring a strong, reliable joint to maximize assembly performance.

Download the Duro-PT® flyer (PDF)


  • Asymmetrical 30° thread profile, inclined toward load surface
  • Optimal thread pitch
  • Recessed thread root
  • Shank slot


  • Cuts threads in stiffer plastics
  • Minimizes installation torque
  • Maximizes assembly performance

Design Guidelines

  • Sizes: S22 to S80 in diameter; up to 152mm under head. Other sizes may be available upon request.

  • Head Styles: Pan, flat, hex, round washer, hex washer, oval, button head, fillister
  • Specials: Shoulder screws, sems, double end studs, collar studs; others as required
  • Drive Systems: TORX PLUS® Drive System is recommended to facilitate the proper amount of torque transfer required for cutting threads. Other styles are available.

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