Camrail® Fasteners

Elco AllFlex
Elco AllFlex Fasteners

These body side bearing bolts, flange locknuts and timber screws are working on North America’s railroads.

Camrail® body side bearing bolts and flange locknuts provide highly reliable, easily installed, replacements for rivets and bolts on side bearing assemblies. Camrail® Freight Car bolts provide a solid, secure fastened joint. Camrail® Timber Screws quickly secure grade crossings, tie plates and switchgear without pre-drilling.


  • Cold formed and heat treated to 150,000 psi minimum tensile
  • AudiTorx® Drive System
  • Cam Koat® Lubricant
  • Available in a variety of styles


  • High tensile strength
  • Tamper resistant, eliminates control and monitoring equipment
  • Reduced installation torque and controlled clamp
  • Easy access at repair facilities

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