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Acument Global Technologies is one of the world’s leading mechanical fastening producers, known for some of the longest-standing and most trusted brand names in the industry: Camcar® and Ring Screw, as well as TORX®, STRUX®, and Mag-Form®. Acument helps designers and engineers create best in class products, and committing the industry’s best people and products to do what’s right for our customers – whatever it takes.

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Acument Camrail Fasteners

Camrail® Fasteners

Camrail® body side bearing bolts and flange locknuts provide highly reliable, easily installed, replacements for rivets and bolts on side bearing assemblies.

Acument Delta PT Fasteners

Delta PT® Fasteners

Thread forming screws engineered to create optimal material flow during installation, resulting in better clamp loads and increased joint life in a wide range of plastics.

Acument Duro-PT Fasteners

Duro-PT® Fasteners

Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of thermoset plastics, easing assembly and ensuring a strong, reliable joint to maximize assembly performance.

Acument Fastite 2000 Fasteners

Fastite® 2000™

Sheet metal thread forming screws and bolts created to deliver cost-effective and optimum joint performance in sheet metal applications as thin as 0.7mm.

Camcar Mag-Form Fasteners


Self tapping screws engineered to minimize debris generation when tapping into conventional magnesium die-castings and other low-ductile materials.

Acument MaggCert Fasteners

MaggCert® Threaded Insert

A thread forming insert for magnesium automotive components that allows machine screws to be applied at assembly and removed for servicing.

Acument MagnaSeal Plugs


Magnaseal® Self-Sealing Plugs have two annular sealing rings that maintain a liquid tight seal even after repeated installation and removal.

Acument Plastite 45 Fasteners

Plastite® 45°

The Plastite® 45 screw is designed to facilitate thread-forming in less-compressible plastics while providing high resistance to strip-out and pull-out.

Acument PlasTORX Fasteners

PlasTORX® Fasteners

Can be molded directly into plastic, replacing metal stamping and fastener assemblies. Engineered to provide high resistance to rotation and pull-out.

Acument Remform Fasteners

Remform® Fasteners

The Remform® Screw is a thread forming screw with a unique thread form to provide superior performance in today’s wide range of plastics.

Acument Strux Fasteners

Strux® Fasteners

High-performance STRUX® fasteners offer a stronger and more reliable assembly alternative to traditional clinch studs and nuts. 

Acument Taptite 2000 Fasteners

Taptite 2000® Fasteners

High performance thread rolling screws specially designed to lower your in-place fastening costs.

Acument TORX Plus Fasteners


The TORX PLUS® Drive System has proven to keep assembly lines running smoother and more efficiently by offering increased drive system strength.

Acument Z-Form Assembly

Z-Form® Assembly

Completely eliminate clearance between the bolt and the through hole in the clamped component using a shoulder bolt with a pre-assembled deformable sleeve.