EJOT USA offers high quality, secure and easy-to-install fastening systems for commercial and domestic rooftop solar installations, and is the specialist for fastening mounting systems for solar installations on an array of roof types and substrates. EJOT fasteners are well designed and well engineered to ensure durability and on-site efficiency. 



For PV Racking and Mounting Systems

EJOFAST JF3 self-drilling screws

For fixing metal profiles or PV mounting systems' plastic clips to profiled metal sheets or insulated metal panels.

Fastens sheet metal fast: used extensively for side-lap stitching on exposed fastener metal panel roofs.

Used by leading solar mounting system manufacturers to fasten wind deflectors of lightweight flat roof racking systems and fasten special PV mounting systems directly to steel roof profiles.

  • Excellent clamping characteristics 
  • Self-drilling screw without the common drill tip 
  • Twin thread for faster installation 
  • Asymmetric thread for high-pull-out values 
  • New screw point geometry prevents the fastener from slipping
  • Point geometry ensures almost no metal chips 
  • Material SS 304 (A2) with case-hardened drill point 
  • Preassembled 304 SS washer with vulcanized elastomer for excellent atmospheric/UV resistance and optimal load transmission and secure sealing. 

Super-SAPHIR JT3 self-drilling screws
For fastening profiled metal sheets with or without intermediate insulation onto thin-walled steel or aluminum substructures and wood substructures.


  • Drilling, thread-forming and fastening in one step
  • Connect components in one step
  • Reduces assembly times
  • Save tool changes and drilling tool costs
  • Available with captive sealing disk upon request


  • Hexagon drive
  • Free Spin Zone under the head facilitates longitudinal joints
  • Small dead centre prevents misalignment on the component surface
  • Galvanised steel sealing washer or stainless steel with vulcanised elastomer.
  • Excellent atmospheric and UV resistance.
  • A2 stainless steel with case-hardened carbon steel drill point
  • Stainless steel sealing washer
  • Pre-assembled sealing washer


For Three Tab Asphalt Shingle Roofs


EJOT Solar Flashing
The ideal solution for PV and solar thermal installations on residential buildings with asphalt THREE TAB shingle roofs and wood substructure or rafters.

The EJOT Solar Flashing System for three tab asphalt shingle roofs includes the application-specific designed flashing, manufactured from 0.04” anodized aluminum; and the fastener made from 304 Stainless Steel, the EJOT JA3-SB-8.0x80/70 E22/3 (equivelant Imperial size: JA3-SB-5/16” x 3.15”/2.75” E22/3).

Underneath the flashing, the system provides second and third sealing; giving secure sealing – in three different layers.

Secure sealing - through all three layers!

1st layer: sealing between flashing and fastener

  • Sealing area between fastener and flashing is elevated.
  • Increased security compared to flashings with sealing feature in the rain water-bearing layer.  
  • Sealing with the washer takes place at the cylindrical part of the JA3 fastener – no capillary action is possible at the shank of the fastener.

2nd layer: sealing between flashing and upper shingle layer

  • Additional sealing below the flashing.
  • Pre-positioned structured foam sealing adapts to the surface of the asphalt shingle.
  • Correctly tightened, the sealing ring is pressed against the shingle.

3rd layer: sealing of the penetration through the second shingle layer

  • Additional sealing in the third layer (bottom shingle) with conical shaped sealing washer.


For Tile Roofs

EJOT Solar Hook
Lightweight aluminum solar roof hook with sealing element and special wood screws.

  • Strong load-bearing capacity
  • Low weight through use of lightweight, cast aluminum; reduces transportation cost and easier transportation on site
  • Allowable forces are known for each hook
  • Enables precise calculation of fastener quantity
  • High force absorption with very little bending of the lever
  • Considerably lighter than many other roof hooks and with much higher load capacities
  • No tile penetration necessary 
  • Compatible with all common racking systems.
  • Easy to install

Solar i-Clip
ONE SIZE is all you need - fits almost any tile type

A) Solar i-clip Arm
M10 slotted hole for easy adjustment of the mounting rail. EPDM strip helps protect the tile directly below the Solar i-clip arm.

B) Solar i-clip Plate
Hole spacing designed for thinner rafters. Suitable for narrow rafters: two-point fixing on rafters as narrow as 13/8”. For vertically misaligned rafters, the multi-position fixing plate makes easy vertical alignment and creates a strong fixing mount.

C) Solar i-clip Spacer
Universal spacers compensate for undulating roofs, tile-to-rafter variance, rafter abnormalities and misalignment.

D) Solar i-clip Rafter Fix
In line fixings, not staggered. Self-drilling fasteners means there is no need to pre-drill rafters.

E) Solar i-clip Plate Fix